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Space-Themed Printable Birthday Invitations Boy/Girl | "Little Rocket"

Your little rocket scientist is about to become the next Elon Musk? Your little darling is an explorer who wants to discover new planets and dreams of flying into space like an astronaut in a rocket? Then this will probably be a big surprise for him or her after he or she wakes up and realizes: "Today is my birthday!"

Some tin foil is available in most households. And many other tools in the kitchen will capture the imagination of your mini adventurers. Even used plastic bottles painted with silver paint may make your child feel like a rocket scientist. It will move like an astronaut with a "jetpack" on its back. Cake pops nicely painted with food coloring can be "planets" of the Milky Way. In the evening, as the party slowly comes to an end. You can dim the lights, and fluorescent stars on the wall start to twinkle.

This Space-Themed Printable Birthday Cards you can edit!

With this printable birthday invitation, size 5x7'' you can invite your guests to a trip to the stars with a little rocket! Easy to use with no software required! Just edit the texts using your computer, laptop, or phone!

When you finish your customization, you can decide whether to use your design as a digital invitation (to send it by email, WhatsApp, or Telegram). Or you go the "classical" way and print it for handing it out to the guests – either personally or by mail. The output files can be a JPEG or PDF, which are the most common file formats. You can print these space-themed birthday party invitations at home with your printer (color inkjet or laser). You can manage the printing at the local printer store or copy shop – which we recommend for the best quality. With this option, you can often choose the paper thickness and maybe a glossy finish if you wish that. It depends on the printing service provider.

Tipp: If you want to print the space-themed birthday party invitations in a professional way like described above, you may ask your printer service for the specifications. Most digital printing services can give you excellent results with PDF in RGB color mode. If your printer needs a bleed (this is extra space around the design to provide some tolerance for cutting), they will tell you the details. You can add a bleed if you need it, and you can adjust it to your printer services' settings.

You can easily make your instant payment with Paypal. After the successful purchase, you will immediately receive two emails: One with the order confirmation sent from, and the other one from CORJL is the platform you will use to customize your design. Everything is already prepared for you. You just have to click on the link provided in the email from Corjl and log in right there. In your account, you will find your purchased design – ready to be edited and printed.

You can print as many birthday invitation cards as you want! No limitations.

Test it for free!

If you want to see the space-themed birthday party invitation live and try out your options to customize you can do this here: 

The link leads to the full version of CORJL's editing platform. The only restriction is a watermark all over the design, which will be removed after your purchase.

Here's how it works:


You choose one or more designs from our shop and add them to your shopping cart.

Then you go to the checkout. There you will find several convenient payment options. You can pay by credit card or just by Paypal. It is essential that you provide us with an e-mail address where you can be reached because you will receive an e-mail from our fulfillment service provider CORJL.

This is how it looks:

This e-mail will then redirect you to the platform where your designs are waiting for you to personalize them.

When you have clicked on the link in your e-mail,
you will be taken to this page:

Then you enter your data. Important: You need to use the same e-mail address that you used for us. This registration is necessary so that you can save your edited designs and come later to finish.

After submitting the form, you are logged in and ready to go.

You can see here with a sample design how it can look on a desktop pc. You have a lot of possibilities on how to finish your perfect template. Change the text boxes according to your wishes or add new ones. It is very simple.


You can also use your tablet or your mobile phone. But for a perfect design quality after downloading the item in JPG or PDF, we recommend using a computer since some phones compress the files during download to speed up the transfer.


This is how it looks on the mobile version:




Do not forget to save the design. You don't have to finalize it immediately, but you can come back and change it at any time. It's available for you for a whole year (365 days) from the date you order.


Is your design ready? Then click on "Download" and choose between the file formats you need. JPG and PDF are standard formats for excellent print quality.

You can either send the file directly to your friends via e-mail or messenger or print it out. You will need a good color printer and high-quality paper. If you don't have one - no problem. The designs can also be easily printed using services like the Walmart Print Center.


It's that simple! And if you still have questions - no problem at all. Just send us an e-mail to We want you to have a great party and are happy to help you quickly.

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