Download Freebie Gift Box Template for Christmas

Download Your Free Printable Gift Box Template for Christmas

Christmas is coming and we are all eagerly waiting for this warm atmosphere when the guests enter the beautifully decorated room and take their place at the table full of joy and anticipation. Why don't you put a small present on the plate in advance? As an appetizer, so to speak? With this cute little gift box, you can prepare it yourself in no time at all. It costs you nothing because the download is free.

And it's that easy. 

Follow this link.


You will get to a page with a short description. Enter your e-mail address and within seconds you will receive an e-mail with the download link. The download of the gift box template comes as a PDF file. On the first page of the PDF, you can see the gift box design. Print this page as often as you like. In this way, you can create an unlimited number of Christmas gift boxes. 

The following pages in the PDF show you what you have to cut out and where you have to fold to get a cute little box. It is really quite simple. For the slits you can use a small pair of scissors, but it works better if you have a paper cutter. With this you can cut precisely along the lines.

Folded the favor box has a size of about 2,2 x 3''.

When folding, make sure that the bottom is as square as possible. Then you first pull the two sides with the "nose" through a slit and then put the second side with the slit over it. Don't forget to fill the gift box with something sweet for Christmas or another surprise. Maybe you hide a riddle in it that the guests have to solve. There are no limits to your imagination.


And best of all: this gift box is absolutely free.


So if you need a great idea just before Christmas to spice up your Xmas party - voilá - here it is!


Click here to pick up your free gift box for Christmas.


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  • Oct 30, 2020
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