Ways How to Involve Kids in a Gender Reveal or Baby Shower

Ways How to Involve Kids in a Gender Reveal or Baby Shower

I love these adorable ways how to involve kids in a gender reveal or baby shower. If you are looking for a way how to involve your kids in your gender reveal or baby shower, check out this post!

Children, especially children over a certain age, want and should be involved in the gender reveal party or baby shower. They are often downright euphoric when they are the ones who get to reveal the big secret.

  • Box of balloons is opened by the children.

  • The Gender Reveal balloon is popped by the siblings

  • Children can dip their little paw hands in paint and show it to the participants of the baby shower. or gender reveal party

  • Pillow Fight

Ask your kids if they want a sister or brother and then have them in a pillow fight - until the pillows burst. 

    • Pinata Pull the String

    This is also a nice idea, how to let several children participate in the Gender Reveal at the same time, without one of them feeling disadvantaged. Here you don't hit the pinata, but each child is allowed to pull a string.


    Ways How to involve kids in a gender reveal or baby shower

    Involving kids in the gender reveal doesn't just have to be at the baby shower or gender reveal party, however. it can also happen at home at the breakfast table, when the sibling has to find out whether he or she is having a brother or sister.

    Fill cupcakes with cream in blue or pink

    The video above shows one of the most beautiful moments that a small family can experience - when the gender of the new baby is announced and the siblings are the first to know. The classic version with the pink or blue cupcake filling is not new, but it loses nothing of its effectiveness. Pure emotion and unforgettable moments.

    However, it is also important to catch the children if the result is not what they wanted. Often girls and boys want a sibling of the same gender. If this is not the case and, for example, a girl gets a brother or a boy gets a sister, it can feel dramatic for the child.

    You Need a Backup in Case of Emergency!

    Parents usually know their children well and the older the child is, the easier it will be to comfort them if they are disappointed. However, if you as a parent suspect that things might get stressful, you need a backup!

    For example, give your child a letter from a sibling and read it to them. It could say, for example, that the new baby is very excited about meeting his brother/sister in the very close future. And to reinforce the whole thing a little, the "baby" could add a small gift "to sweeten the waiting time".

    This is not intended to "buy" the older sibling, but to soften the blow. There is a good chance that he or she will later perceive the new baby as something positive and get used to the idea that he or she will be of a different gender than expected.

    For example, prepare your older child for the beautiful moments ahead. You could say, "Look, you're going to be older brother and protect your sister from the bad boys at school. You are strong and can always be there for her.“

    Here are some funny, romantic, emotional gender reveal clips for your inspiration how to involve kids in the gender reveal or baby shower

    This boy is not amused. ;) 

    Triplets: How to Involve the Kids in the Gender Reveal

    This little girl also needs a soul comforter for now, because she was probably hoping for a sister. She likely doesn't yet know how cool a little brother can be. Catch her.



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