Christmas Baby Announcement

Christmas Baby Announcement – How to do it right

The most beautiful celebration of the year is coming and despite Corona, for many, this is the highlight they have been looking forward to for a long time. Christmas is traditionally the celebration of love and family and many have decided to celebrate it somehow cozy, although this time perhaps in smaller groups. Why not using this chance for a very special and unforgettable Christmas Baby Announcement?

And which event is best suited to announce happy baby news, if not the evening when the whole family sits together?
And it is indeed so for most of us: The greatest gift is a baby. For the grandparents-to-be, it is one of the most emotional moments in life when they learn that the next generation is about to have a baby - especially when it is their first. They probably feel that they receive a greater gift than all material gifts combined could ever achieve.

But that moment they experience it must be well prepared. The surprise effect is even bigger if the tension has already been built up over a long period because the baby's parents simply wanted to wait until Christmas to announce the good news. Then, of course, nobody should accidentally slip up before.

How to announce baby news creatively, you can watch countless funny YouTube videos. Tears often roll not only with the involved ones but also with the spectators. But at Christmas, it is once again something very special and can be wonderfully integrated into the festivities.

Here are 5 unique ideas for the announcement of baby news at Christmas

1. Fillable Christmas Tree Ball

In some families, it is a tradition to give away a self-designed Christmas tree ball every year. This idea can be extended by buying a fillable ball and filling it with a message or a recognizable symbolic object, e.g. a pacifier. The ball is then screwed together, decorated, and labeled. And the recipient is asked to open it. Surely you will hear something like: "Oh, how beautiful? Did you paint it yourself?" And you could answer: "And yes, we are also fully responsible for the content." Just try to hold back a giggle... ;)

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2. Baby Socks by the Fireplace

Another sweet idea for Christmas Baby Announcement is the "socks conspiracy". The tradition of hanging socks labeled with names on the fireplace is a typical American custom. And it just so happens that this year there is a pair hanging at the very end. The smallest. The - still- nameless socks.
Of course, it's important to place these socks as unobtrusively as possible in the spot, but then to be nearby when it's expected that the grandparents to be surprised will notice them (and not necessarily the annoying little nephew who knocks over the Christmas tree every year and is always the one who crashes the party).

3. The Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater

Or how about a homemade sweater, the classic Christmas item that is supposed to be flashing, squeaking, or rustling, but above all, especially ugly. It will be an eye-catcher when you appear before the assembled family. It is simply self-made: You'll need an old, used sweater, some leftover fabric, maybe a little felt or whatever you can find on Christmas materials, and a hot glue gun. And then you can start tinkering with it. There are no limits to your imagination. It would be ideal if you could combine a Christmas motif and a baby motif so that the good news that a new family member is about to join the family is perhaps only recognizable at a second glance. The surprise, but also the joy will be all the greater.

4. Photo calendar as a gift

Yes, admittedly, the photo calendar is a gift idea that has gotten a bit old. But this time it is a little different! But the Christmas Baby Announcement can bring a big surprise. Surely the grandparents-to-be will unpack the calendar and look at the photos that are supposed to capture great moments of the past year and decorate every month of the new year. Only one month's photo will be especially eye-catching. Because this is an ultrasound photo of your baby, which you will insert in the exact month in which he or she will be born.

5. The Eternal Memory Moment

Do you know this? The celebration is coming to an end, the presents were distributed, everyone is tired and still, a last big family photo has to be taken in front of the Christmas tree. A few are initiated, except those who are about to become grandparents. The family positions itself. The photographer asks everyone to say "Cheeeeeese". But what do they say? "(Your name) is pregnant!!" That this twist will lead to very surprised faces is obvious. Of course, no photo was taken, but a video. You simply have to capture this kind of Christmas Baby Announcement in a moving picture.
And that now everybody is awake again, you surely don't have to mention ;)


Important when preparing a Christmas Baby Announcement: Wait for the right moment. So don't fall straight into the house with the door, even if you almost burst with excitement. But don't necessarily tell it right after the banquet, where everyone is sleepily struggling with digestion, unless you decide to use the "Hello awake" method of point 5.


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