Baby Shower Despite Corona?

Our party mood has been put on a bitter pillow in 2020. Due to the Corona pandemic, many Baby Shower parties have been canceled or postponed indefinitely. What so many women had been looking forward to for so long, namely to celebrate a baby shower once in a lifetime, often had to be canceled due to the lockdown and contact restrictions.

This is especially sad because a baby shower is not a birthday that you celebrate every year. Traditionally, this Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party is celebrated a few weeks before the birth of the offspring. And as if a pregnancy wasn't unpredictable enough, Corona is now added to the mix, where every party planning is on shaky ground. Despite intensive preparation, the party could fall through at any time. Nothing is more frustrating than having to eat the cake alone.

But there doesn't have to be that much moping.

Read here how to celebrate the arrival of the new citizen properly despite Corona - without breaking the laws:

A Virtual Baby Shower Party via

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Facetime
  • VSee
  • ...

Admittedly - a virtual party is not what the expectant mom imagines for a perfect baby shower. But sometimes it is the only way to bring together all the loved ones we care about. Even before Corona, it was sometimes necessary to "add" relatives living far away via Skype - either because they weren't fit enough to travel or because they couldn't get a flight.

There are enough reasons for virtual parties. But the most important one is: the addition to the family should be celebrated, but also the mommy-to-be. She is the one who is looking forward to the day when she will finally become a mother, looking forward to Baby Boy or Baby Girl. This wonderful atmosphere can also be created in front of the screen with a little creativity.

Sometimes it is common that the Baby Shower Party is secretly organized by a friend to surprise the pregnant woman and relieve her of the stress of party planning. This is now possible virtually. With such online meetings, it depends completely, particularly on the correct timing.

Think up a funny story, for example, about why the expectant mom should definitely be at home at a certain time. Dedicate her partner, who manages the technology in the background, to switch on the best friends and dearest relatives at the decisive moment with a click of the mouse. Or places a huge box with a balloon in front of the apartment door, rings the bell, and runs away. Full of astonishment, she will open the box and find a note with a short URL (e.g.***) - a little encrypted so that she doesn't immediately see that it is an invitation link to a Zoom meeting.

Arrived in Zoom, all guests are already waiting, dressed in the chicest clothes, with a glass of champagne or orange juice in their hands, with balloons in the background, and in a good mood. In the gift box is a smaller box. The expectant mom is now allowed to open it and finds a mommy-to-be-Sash, which she is asked to wear.

At the latest now she should have understood what it is all about and with the sash she has immediately dressed appropriately. This Baby Shower outfit can be extended as you like, e.g. with a corolla and a badge. This outfit can be chosen in bright colours. If you have planned a theme party, e.g. a gender-reveal party with the classic "He or She - what will it bee?", these sashes and pins are available in bee yellow.

Stay Yourself

Important for all creative ideas is - stay authentic. Especially at surprise parties, it has to be clear beforehand if the expectant mom is the right type for such a thing and if she takes the "surprise" easy and is happy about it. Not everyone finds it funny to open the laptop in their pajamas and find themselves in their own baby party within 2 minutes. A more detailed planning and preparation of the baby shower would be advisable in advance.

Tip: To make sure that all guests can be easily seen in their equipment, the lighting should be right. Of course, nobody needs a professional studio light, but at least there should be enough daylight in the room to create a sharp picture. By the way, it does not even have to be a laptop. Even a cell phone with a halfway good camera is quite sufficient for this. The incoming light is the most important thing. And the light source should never be behind the person, but always come from the front. For a video transmission that is not wobbly, a simple small tripod is recommended, which is available for just a few dollars.

Buy this useful flexible tripod on Amazon (affiliate link)

Software for the virtual house party

Group video chats are common today via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime. But also almost all messenger services like WhatsApp have this feature. It is also important to test the virtual meeting beforehand so that everything works perfectly on the "big day".

Another possibility would be, of course, to postpone the Baby Shower Party. But for how long? Can you be sure that the party will be possible again at a later date? As mentioned above, it is very difficult to estimate such a thing with a baby shower. Okay, even before Corona, such a small new citizen of the earth could sometimes get on the road faster than planned and the Baby Shower had to be postponed to the time after the birth. But normally the party should take place when the expectant mom is still feeling well and has enough time.

Every new mom knows from her own experience how complicated it can be to plan a party with a newborn in her arms. Whatever you decide, remember - it should remain relaxed.

This magical moment, when a woman becomes a mother for the first (or second or third...) time, can, may, and should be celebrated. These are the moments that remain in our memories forever. This time will not come back. And if it has become a little bit more difficult under Corona conditions, so what? We don't let the joy of (becoming) life be spoiled.


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